2014-2015 Ski season video

My yearly ski season video took a long time to finish this year but is finally done. The amount of footage I captured was way more than in past years, and I lost interest in the project during the summer months. But in the end I’m happy with how it turned out. This makes 4 years in a row!

Last season was horrible for snow on the west coast but trips to Japan and Alaska helped make it an amazing winter. I ended up with 30 days on snow which is more than I’ve had since high-school days!

My favorite part about making these videos is being able to watch the ones from previous years and gauge my progress as a skier. With improvement in mind, here are three goals for this upcoming (in-progress) season:

  1. Be able to consistently land a clean 360. At the end of last season I was still having a lot of trouble getting keeping my weight forward.
  2. Ski bigger lines (like AK) with more speed and power. The Blizzard Spurs I just picked up should help give me confidence there unlike the jibby and playful Line Mr Pollard’s Opus that I’ve been using.
  3. No injuries. :)