My switch from iOS to Android

In early April I ordered a Nexus 5 to replace my two year old iPhone 4s. It’s the first Android device I’ve ever owned so I’ve had to learn a lot of new behaviors. While doing so, I’ve kept a list (in Google Keep) of anything that I’ve found to be noticeably better or worse than iOS. Lots of my iOS-only friends have been surprised to hear about many of the differences so I’m including it here with comments added. It should also be fun to read in a few years when all of this is horribly outdated.

Better on Android / Nexus 5

Better on iOS / iPhone

There’s a lot of other random stuff I prefer on one phone or the other, but overall I am much happier being on the new setup. Of course, upgrading from two year old hardware was going to be a big improvement either way.