Backups with JungleDisk

For the past 6 months I’ve been using JungleDisk to back up most of my important files on Amazon S3. It has a great auto-backup feature which keeps me from worrying about data loss. Like many people, I never thought about data loss until after I lost an entire drive (which I’m still keeping in case I become rich enough to blow $2k to have it restored).

Amazon S3 is also incredibly cheap:

It gives me some strange satisfaction to receive my monthly 10¢ bill from Amazon. :)

The only problem I have with the setup is that Windows Explorer ALWAYS locks up when browsing my JungleDisk drive. I’m assuming it’s not a problem with JungleDisk since it works fine on my Mac.

Anyway, the Amazon S3 & JungleDisk combo is certainly worth checking out. It’s so ridiculously cheap for the amount of pain and trouble it can prevent!