A gym-free workout

Pete showed us a workout today that he said was inspired by the workout the guys did for the movie 300. Although I didn’t see that mentioned anywhere, the workout still looks good. I’ve never liked going to the gym (and haven’t even used my Plaxo employee pass at Gold’s), but I do love that post-workout feeling of relaxation and sore muscles. I’ve been biking 30 miles almost every weekend but I find myself getting a little restless  due to lack of physical activity when Wednesday rolls around. Hopefully this will help keep me relaxed as well as get me in shape.

The simplefit workout has a few benefits as I see it:

I’m sure other workouts have similar structure and simplicity but I didn’t really care to do any research. :) So today I did a ‘Day 1’ workout and completed 56 sets in the 20 minutes. The pull-ups are definitely my bottleneck at this point. Hopefully in a few weeks it’ll get a little warmer out and I can bike to work every day (it’s just under 7 miles). It will be really nice to bike home after a long day instead of sitting in traffic. Exercise is such great stress relief, and it’d be stupid of me not to take advantage of the great CA weather.