Uploading a Picasa album to Flickr

Google’s Picasa is by far my favorite photo application and I’ve chosen flickr to share my photos due to its popularity and cheap pro plan. Unfortunately there’s no flickr plugin for Picasa since it doesn’t even support plugins. When I want to upload photos I have to manually drag them from Windows Explorer into the flickr uploadr. This works acceptably well for a small number of photos (hitting ctrl+enter on a photo in Picasa will reveal it in Explorer so you don’t have to track it down by filename) but for a large set, like my recent trip to Italy, it would take hours! I took about 1000 photos in Italy and had selected about 130 that I wanted to put on flickr. The fastest way I found to get this group of photos onto flickr was;

  1. Add all the photos to an album (I called mine UPLOAD)
  2. Select the album in the album list on the left
  3. Click the ‘Export’ button in the bottom right of the Picasa window
  4. Export the images to a folder on my desktop
  5. Drag this folder into the flickr uploadr (and then wait a few minutes while it adds the images…)
  6. Upload!

Since Google has Picasa Web Albums I doubt they’d make an effort to improve Picasa -> flickr integration but maybe someone will be able to hack some flickr options into Picasa at some point. I’m just glad I don’t take too many pictures or this process would drive me nuts.